Should You Lease or Buy Your Mobility Vehicle?

Should You Lease or Buy Your Mobility Vehicle?

Choosing a mobility vehicle from Northwest Mobility is the best way to better your freedom and quality of life. You’ll be able to drive with ease and feel connected to the world. However, you might wonder how you will finance the mobility vehicle.

You can either buy or lease your vehicle. After reading about whether you should lease or buy a mobility vehicle, you’ll have your answer!

Mobility Vehicles Are Big Investments

You may not think vehicles designed to help people with mobility limitations would have high prices. However, their prices reflect the state-of-the-art modifications. The cost of new mobility vehicles ranges from $55,000 to $100,000. This investment that requires high monthly payments.

If the van is used, has many miles, or is an older model, the price should go down significantly. You could purchase a mobility vehicle for as little as $25,000! Remember that buying a used or new mobility van is a huge investment! Carefully examine your finances before deciding.

Buying a Mobility Vehicle Leads to More Freedom

Purchasing a mobility vehicle gives you freedom in many ways. You’ll have more vehicles to choose from when buying rather than leasing. Additionally, you won’t have the mileage limits of an automobile lease, so you can put as many miles on the van as necessary. Furthermore, the car will be fully your own after paying off any loans you took out for financing.

When you buy a vehicle, you have no looming contract or feelings of stress to return the vehicle in impeccable condition. You can make permanent modifications, drive far and wide, and even sell it whenever you want.

Leasing Lowers Monthly Payments

The big investment of buying a mobility vehicle isn’t financially feasible for everyone. That’s where the opportunity of leasing comes in handy. With a 20 percent downpayment, you will pay anywhere from $400 to $800 each month toward the lease. This cost is significantly less than the average monthly loan payment to own a mobility vehicle.

Your Needs Could Change Over Time

Time brings many changes. Maybe you’ve recovered from surgery and no longer need your mobility vehicle. Or perhaps your condition progressed and you need additional components for more support.

Leasing a mobility vehicle is beneficial when you’re unsure about the longevity or severity of your ailments. This temporary option lets you give back the vehicle when your contract ends. The flexibility of leasing will make you feel more comfortable with the decision.

The choice to lease or buy a mobility vehicle is up to you! All you need is the right company to support this endeavor. Northwest Mobility is a wheelchair accessible dealership that can provide the best deals for your mobility needs. We offer the lowest prices available in both leasing and purchasing.